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bcg729  is an opensource implementation of both encoder and decoder of the ITU G729 Annex A speech codec. 
The library written in C 99 is fully portable and can be executed  on many platforms including both ARM  processor and x86. 
libbcg729 supports concurrent channels encoding/decoding for multi call application such conferencing. 
This project was initially developed as part of  Mediastreamer2, the Linphone's  media processing engine. So it also contains the glue to be integrated in Linphone/Mediastreamer2.
Licensing: The source code is licensed under GPLv2. ITU G729 usage is governed by a patent license to be acquired from Sipro Lab
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By default, the upstream package installs into /usr/local.  Please use
'./configure --prefix' to change it

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Linphone plugin is compile if both mediastremer2 and ortp are installed
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# Tests suite:
- Tests are defined for each functional bloc (more or less matching a source file)
and for global encoding/decoding

- Use 'make check' to compile and run all tests available in the test directory.

- Input tests pattern have been generated by ITU code using ITU tests patterns.
The test patterns are not part of this repository but can be downloaded here:
However, the first run of 'make check' will get them for you.

- To run partial test, use perl executable 'testCampaign' in the test directory.
'./testCampaign <functional bloc name>'
You must first download the tests patterns using 'make check' or manually