Commit a71e6858 authored by JaccoCompier's avatar JaccoCompier Committed by johan

Update decodeLSP.c

codebookqLSF check started on index 1 instead of index 0
parent 9ada79d7
......@@ -95,8 +95,8 @@ void computeqLSF(word16_t *codebookqLSF, word16_t previousLCodeWord[MA_MAX_K][NB
insertionSort(codebookqLSF, NB_LSP_COEFF);
/* check for low limit on qLSF[0] */
if (codebookqLSF[1]<qLSF_MIN) {
codebookqLSF[1] = qLSF_MIN;
if (codebookqLSF[0]<qLSF_MIN) {
codebookqLSF[0] = qLSF_MIN;
/* check and rectify minimum distance between two consecutive qLSF */
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