Commit 09a11242 authored by Moritz Bunkus's avatar Moritz Bunkus

Add new elements CueDuration and CueRelativePosition

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parent d83742af
......@@ -154,9 +154,11 @@
<element name="Cues" level="1" id="0x1C53BB6B" type="master" minver="1">A top-level element to speed seeking access. All entries are local to the segment. Should be mandatory for non <a href="">"live" streams</a>.</element>
<element name="CuePoint" level="2" id="0xBB" type="master" mandatory="1" multiple="1" minver="1">Contains all information relative to a seek point in the segment.</element>
<element name="CueTime" level="3" id="0xB3" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1">Absolute timecode according to the segment time base.</element>
<element name="CueDuration" level="3" id="0x53B3" type="uinteger" mandatory="0" minver="4" webm="0">The duration of the block according to the segment time base. If missing the track's DefaultDuration does not apply and no duration information is available in terms of the cues.</element>
<element name="CueTrackPositions" level="3" id="0xB7" type="master" mandatory="1" multiple="1" minver="1">Contain positions for different tracks corresponding to the timecode.</element>
<element name="CueTrack" level="4" id="0xF7" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1" range="not 0">The track for which a position is given.</element>
<element name="CueClusterPosition" level="4" id="0xF1" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1">The <a href="">position</a> of the Cluster containing the required Block.</element>
<element name="CueRelativePosition" level="4" id="0xF0" type="uinteger" mandatory="0" minver="4" webm="0">The relative position of the referenced block inside the cluster with 0 being the first possible position for an element inside that cluster.</element>
<element name="CueBlockNumber" level="4" id="0x5378" type="uinteger" minver="1" default="1" range="not 0">Number of the Block in the specified Cluster.</element>
<element name="CueCodecState" level="4" id="0xEA" type="uinteger" minver="2" webm="0" default="0">The <a href="">position</a> of the Codec State corresponding to this Cue element. 0 means that the data is taken from the initial Track Entry.</element>
<element name="CueReference" level="4" id="0xDB" type="master" multiple="1" minver="2" webm="0">The Clusters containing the required referenced Blocks.</element>
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