Commit 2c7fe0e9 authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme

add and disable TimecodeScaleDenominator for Matroska v4

parent aa9653d5
......@@ -36,6 +36,8 @@
<element name="ChapterTranslateCodec" level="3" id="0x69BF" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1" webm="0">The <a href="">chapter codec</a> using this ID (0: Matroska Script, 1: DVD-menu).</element>
<element name="ChapterTranslateID" level="3" id="0x69A5" type="binary" mandatory="1" minver="1" webm="0">The binary value used to represent this segment in the chapter codec data. The format depends on the <a href="">ChapProcessCodecID</a> used.</element>
<element name="TimecodeScale" level="2" id="0x2AD7B1" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1" default="1000000">Timecode scale in nanoseconds (1.000.000 means all timecodes in the segment are expressed in milliseconds).</element>
<!-- <element name="TimecodeScaleDenominator" level="2" id="0x2AD7B2" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="4" default="1000000000">Timecode scale numerator, see <a href="">TimecodeScale</a>.</element>
TimecodeScale When combined with <a href="">TimecodeScaleDenominator</a> the Timecode scale is given by the fraction TimecodeScale/TimecodeScaleDenominator in seconds.-->
<element name="Duration" level="2" id="0x4489" type="float" minver="1" range="&gt; 0">Duration of the segment (based on TimecodeScale).</element>
<element name="DateUTC" level="2" id="0x4461" type="date" minver="1">Date of the origin of timecode (value 0), i.e. production date.</element>
<element name="Title" level="2" id="0x7BA9" type="utf-8" minver="1" webm="0">General name of the segment.</element>
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