Commit 765a1f1e authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme

libmatroska2: clarify the flag in MATROSKA_BlockReleaseData()

git-svn-id: a6f86f6d-0131-4f8e-9e7b-e335508773d5
parent 6de5ca11
......@@ -115,7 +115,7 @@ EBML_DLL bool_t MATROSKA_BlockKeyframe(const matroska_block *Block);
EBML_DLL bool_t MATROSKA_BlockDiscardable(const matroska_block *Block);
EBML_DLL bool_t MATROSKA_BlockLaced(const matroska_block *Block);
EBML_DLL err_t MATROSKA_BlockReadData(matroska_block *Block, stream *Input);
EBML_DLL err_t MATROSKA_BlockReleaseData(matroska_block *Block, bool_t NotRead);
EBML_DLL err_t MATROSKA_BlockReleaseData(matroska_block *Block, bool_t IncludingNotRead);
EBML_DLL int16_t MATROSKA_CueTrackNum(const matroska_cuepoint *Cue);
EBML_DLL void MATROSKA_CuesSort(ebml_master *Cues);
EBML_DLL fourcc_t MATROSKA_MetaSeekID(const matroska_seekpoint *MetaSeek);
......@@ -1291,9 +1291,9 @@ static size_t GetBlockHeadSize(const matroska_block *Element)
return 5;
err_t MATROSKA_BlockReleaseData(matroska_block *Block, bool_t NotRead)
err_t MATROSKA_BlockReleaseData(matroska_block *Block, bool_t IncludingNotRead)
if (!NotRead && Block->GlobalTimecode==INVALID_TIMECODE_T)
if (!IncludingNotRead && Block->GlobalTimecode==INVALID_TIMECODE_T)
return ERR_NONE;
Block->Base.Base.bValueIsSet = 0;
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