Commit a4dc114f authored by Moritz Bunkus's avatar Moritz Bunkus

Write RenderData() function declaration for elements with max version

git-svn-id: a6f86f6d-0131-4f8e-9e7b-e335508773d5
parent 9ad16a1d
......@@ -359,7 +359,7 @@ static void OutputElementDeclaration(const SpecElement **pElt, const SpecElement
TextWrite(CFile, T("public:\n"));
TextPrintf(CFile, T("\tvirtual bool ValidateSize() const {return IsFiniteSize() && GetSize() == %d;}\n"), elt->ByteSize);
if (!IsValidElement(elt))
if (!IsValidElement(elt) || elt->MaxVersion!=0)
TextWrite(CFile, T("public:\n"));
TextWrite(CFile, T("\tfilepos_t RenderData(IOCallback & output, bool bForceRender, bool bSaveDefault);\n"));
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