Commit e8a910cf authored by Steve Lhomme's avatar Steve Lhomme

add support for SeekPreRoll

parent 18885bd5
......@@ -124,6 +124,7 @@ extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDownloadURL;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDecodeAll;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackOverlay;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDelay;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextSeekPreRoll;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateEditionUID;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateCodec;
extern const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateTrackID;
......@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDownloadURL = {0x26B240, EBML_STRING_CLA
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDecodeAll = {0xAA, EBML_BOOLEAN_CLASS, 1, (intptr_t)1, "CodecDecodeAll", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackOverlay = {0x6FAB, EBML_INTEGER_CLASS, 0, 0, "TrackOverlay", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextCodecDelay = {0x56AA, EBML_INTEGER_CLASS, 1, (intptr_t)0, "CodecDelay", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextSeekPreRoll = {0x56BB, EBML_INTEGER_CLASS, 1, (intptr_t)0, "SeekPreRoll", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateEditionUID = {0x66FC, EBML_INTEGER_CLASS, 0, 0, "TrackTranslateEditionUID", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateCodec = {0x66BF, EBML_INTEGER_CLASS, 0, 0, "TrackTranslateCodec", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
const ebml_context MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslateTrackID = {0x66A5, EBML_BINARY_CLASS, 0, 0, "TrackTranslateTrackID", NULL, EBML_SemanticGlobals, NULL};
......@@ -380,6 +381,7 @@ const ebml_semantic EBML_SemanticTrackEntry[] = {
{0, 0, &MATROSKA_ContextTrackOverlay, PROFILE_WEBM},
{0, 0, &MATROSKA_ContextTrackTranslate, PROFILE_WEBM},
{0, 1, &MATROSKA_ContextVideo, 0},
{0, 1, &MATROSKA_ContextAudio, 0},
......@@ -103,6 +103,7 @@ between two successive fields at the output of the decoding process (see <a href
<element name="CodecDecodeAll" level="3" id="0xAA" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="2" webm="0" default="1" range="0-1">The codec can decode potentially damaged data (1 bit).</element>
<element name="TrackOverlay" level="3" id="0x6FAB" type="uinteger" multiple="1" minver="1" webm="0">Specify that this track is an overlay track for the Track specified (in the u-integer). That means when this track has a gap (see <a href="">SilentTracks</a>) the overlay track should be used instead. The order of multiple TrackOverlay matters, the first one is the one that should be used. If not found it should be the second, etc.</element>
<element name="CodecDelay" level="3" id="0x56AA" type="uinteger" multiple="0" default="0" minver="4" webm="1">CodecDelay is the delay in nanoseconds to add to each Block timestamp. The value should be small so the muxing of tracks with the same actual timestamp are in the same Cluster.</element>
<element name="SeekPreRoll" level="3" id="0x56BB" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" multiple="0" default="0" minver="4" webm="1">After a discontinuity, SeekPreRoll is the duration in nanoseconds of the data the decoder must decode before the decoded data is valid.</element>
<element name="TrackTranslate" level="3" id="0x6624" type="master" multiple="1" minver="1" webm="0">The track identification for the given Chapter Codec.</element>
<element name="TrackTranslateEditionUID" level="4" id="0x66FC" type="uinteger" multiple="1" minver="1" webm="0">Specify an edition UID on which this translation applies. When not specified, it means for all editions found in the segment.</element>
<element name="TrackTranslateCodec" level="4" id="0x66BF" type="uinteger" mandatory="1" minver="1" webm="0">The <a href="">chapter codec</a> using this ID (0: Matroska Script, 1: DVD-menu).</element>
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