Commit d9233a22 authored by François Grisez's avatar François Grisez
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FileLogHandler: fix current log size evaluation

stat() was never called because it was placed as a second operand
of a && operator, where the first operand is always true in normal

This commit also fixes potentials memory leaks when the log handler
cannot be created.
parent e348a0c8
......@@ -140,27 +140,32 @@ void bctbx_log_handler_set_domain(bctbx_log_handler_t * log_handler,const char *
bctbx_log_handler_t* bctbx_create_file_log_handler(uint64_t max_size, const char* path, const char* name, FILE* f) {
bctbx_log_handler_t* handler = (bctbx_log_handler_t*)bctbx_malloc0(sizeof(bctbx_log_handler_t));
bctbx_file_log_handler_t* filehandler = (bctbx_file_log_handler_t*)bctbx_malloc0(sizeof(bctbx_file_log_handler_t));
char *full_name = bctbx_strdup_printf("%s/%s",
struct stat buf;
memset(&buf, 0, sizeof(buf));
filehandler->max_size = max_size;
// init with actual file size
if(!f && stat(full_name, &buf) != 0) {
fprintf(stderr,"Error while creating file log handler. \n");
return NULL;
bctbx_log_handler_t *handler = NULL;
bctbx_file_log_handler_t *filehandler = NULL;
char *full_name = bctbx_strdup_printf("%s/%s", path, name);
int res;
struct stat buf = {0};
res = stat(full_name, &buf);
if (!f && res != 0) {
fprintf(stderr, "Error while creating file log handler. \n");
goto end;
filehandler = bctbx_new0(bctbx_file_log_handler_t, 1);
filehandler->max_size = max_size;
filehandler->size = buf.st_size;
filehandler->path = bctbx_strdup(path);
filehandler->name = bctbx_strdup(name);
filehandler->file = f;
handler->user_info=(void*) filehandler;
handler = bctbx_new0(bctbx_log_handler_t, 1);
handler->func = bctbx_logv_file;
handler->destroy = bctbx_logv_file_destroy;
handler->user_info = filehandler;
return handler;
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