Commit 557b17f1 authored by Benjamin REIS's avatar Benjamin REIS
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Fix C90 build

parent 5f78ebaf
......@@ -374,9 +374,9 @@ void bctbx_logv(const char *domain, BctbxLogLevel level, const char *fmt, va_lis
if (__bctbx_logger.log_thread_id == 0) {
bctbx_list_t *loggers = bctbx_list_first_elem(__bctbx_logger.logv_outs);
while (loggers) {
BctoolboxLogHandler* handler = (BctoolboxLogHandler*)loggers->data;
va_list tmp;
va_copy(tmp, args);
BctoolboxLogHandler* handler = (BctoolboxLogHandler*)loggers->data;
handler->func(handler->user_info, domain, level, fmt, tmp);
loggers = loggers->next;
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