Commit dab56805 authored by Nicolas Michon's avatar Nicolas Michon

Add parallelisation mecanism of test suites.

Factorize testers common options --verbose, --silent, --logfile and add customisation hooks
parent 93292988
......@@ -81,6 +81,10 @@ BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_set_resource_dir_prefix(const char *name);
BCTBX_PUBLIC const char * bc_tester_get_writable_dir_prefix(void);
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_set_writable_dir_prefix(const char *name);
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_set_silent_func(int (*func)(const char*));
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_set_verbose_func(int (*func)(const char*));
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_set_logfile_func(int (*func)(const char*));
BCTBX_PUBLIC int bc_tester_nb_suites(void);
BCTBX_PUBLIC int bc_tester_nb_tests(const char* name);
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_tester_list_suites(void);
......@@ -100,6 +104,7 @@ BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_free(void *ptr);
BCTBX_PUBLIC unsigned int bc_get_number_of_failures(void);
BCTBX_PUBLIC void bc_set_trace_handler(void(*handler)(int, const char*, va_list));
* Get full path to the given resource
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