Commit 1911434d authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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ensure via is updated for refreshed requests, in case of transport change.

parent fcf53345
......@@ -270,6 +270,7 @@ static int belle_sip_refresher_refresh_internal(belle_sip_refresher_t* refresher
if (!dialog) {
const belle_sip_transaction_state_t state=belle_sip_transaction_get_state(BELLE_SIP_TRANSACTION(refresher->transaction));
belle_sip_header_via_t *via;
/*create new request*/
if (belle_sip_transaction_state_is_transient(state)) {
/*operation pending, cannot update authorization headers*/
......@@ -283,6 +284,9 @@ static int belle_sip_refresher_refresh_internal(belle_sip_refresher_t* refresher
} else {
/*reset the via host to NULL so that it will be automatically updated by provider according to the channel's source ip, port*/
} else if (dialog && belle_sip_dialog_get_state(dialog)==BELLE_SIP_DIALOG_CONFIRMED) {
if (belle_sip_dialog_request_pending(dialog)){
belle_sip_message("Cannot refresh now, there is a pending request in the dialog.");
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