Commit 1cb635b1 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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fix tentative for suite Refresher, test Subscribe on macosx

parent a30ce5f1
......@@ -596,6 +596,9 @@ static int belle_sip_refresher_refresh_internal(belle_sip_refresher_t* refresher
/*Dialog may have changed, specially if terminated (I.E timeout). In that case, it will only be autiore-created when response is received from peer, so in the mean time, we reset it*/
set_or_update_dialog(refresher, belle_sip_transaction_get_dialog(BELLE_SIP_TRANSACTION(client_transaction)));
if (belle_sip_client_transaction_send_request_to(client_transaction,requri?requri:preset_route)) { /*send imediatly to requri in case of redirect*/
belle_sip_error("Cannot send refresh method [%s] for refresher [%p]"
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