Commit 2722edef authored by Gautier Pelloux-Prayer's avatar Gautier Pelloux-Prayer
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Fix iso c90 error

parent 8b1a7977
......@@ -353,6 +353,7 @@ int belle_sip_client_transaction_send_request_to_using_queue(belle_sip_client_tr
if (t->base.request->dialog_queued){
belle_sip_request_t *req;
/*this request was created by belle_sip_dialog_create_queued_request().*/
if (belle_sip_dialog_request_pending(dialog)){
/*it cannot be sent immediately, queue the transaction into dialog*/
......@@ -373,7 +374,7 @@ int belle_sip_client_transaction_send_request_to_using_queue(belle_sip_client_tr
belle_sip_request_t *req=t->base.request;
/*it can be sent immediately, so update the request with latest cseq and route_set */
/*update route and contact just in case they changed*/
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