Commit 2bf25154 authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix memory leak.

parent 9add158a
......@@ -1076,11 +1076,13 @@ belle_sip_resolver_context_t * belle_sip_stack_resolve_a(belle_sip_stack_t *stac
belle_sip_resolver_context_t * belle_sip_stack_resolve_srv(belle_sip_stack_t *stack, const char *service, const char *transport, const char *name, belle_sip_resolver_srv_callback_t cb, void *data) {
belle_sip_simple_resolver_context_t *ctx = belle_sip_object_new(belle_sip_simple_resolver_context_t);
char *srv_prefix = srv_prefix_from_service_and_transport(service, transport);
ctx->srv_cb_data = data;
ctx->srv_cb = cb;
ctx->name = belle_sip_concat(srv_prefix_from_service_and_transport(service, transport), name, NULL);
ctx->name = belle_sip_concat(srv_prefix, name, NULL);
ctx->type = DNS_T_SRV;
return (belle_sip_resolver_context_t*)resolver_start_query(ctx);
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