Commit 2c9ea856 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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downgrade trace severity from error to warning in case of wrong ipv6 scope id

parent 4d199623
......@@ -5021,7 +5021,7 @@ int dns_resconf_loadfromresolv(struct dns_resolv_conf *resconf) {
&& (addresses[i].sin6.sin6_scope_id == 0) ) {
char ip[32];
bctbx_sockaddr_to_printable_ip_address((struct sockaddr*)&addresses[i].sin6, sizeof(struct sockaddr),ip, sizeof (ip));
belle_sip_error("DNS entry [%s] cannot be used without scope id",ip);
belle_sip_warning("DNS entry [%s] cannot be used without scope id",ip);
} else {
memcpy(&resconf->nameserver[write_index++],&addresses[i],sizeof(union res_sockaddr_union));
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