Commit 41e5b77d authored by Ghislain MARY's avatar Ghislain MARY
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Fix compilation with MinGW.

parent b63e7002
......@@ -85,9 +85,14 @@ BELLESIP_INTERNAL_EXPORT void belle_sip_uninit_sockets(void);
int belle_sip_socket_set_nonblocking (belle_sip_socket_t sock);
int belle_sip_socket_set_dscp(belle_sip_socket_t sock, int ai_family, int dscp);
int belle_sip_socket_enable_dual_stack(belle_sip_socket_t sock);
#if defined(WIN32)
#if defined(__MINGW32__) || !defined(WINAPI_FAMILY_PARTITION)
// Only use with x being WINAPI_PARTITION_DESKTOP to test if building on desktop
typedef HANDLE belle_sip_thread_t;
#define belle_sip_thread_self_id() (unsigned long)GetCurrentThreadId()
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