Commit 562bef37 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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workaround getaddrinfo bug.

parent 2118d8d1
......@@ -1284,6 +1284,18 @@ belle_sip_channel_t *belle_sip_channel_find_from_list_with_addrinfo(belle_sip_li
return NULL;
* Horrible bug: glibc seems to ignore AI_NUMERICHOST when hints as AF_INET6 family, resulting in very lengthly getaddrinfo() execution.
* In order to workaround it, we request getaddrinfo() only in cases where the destination we want to lookup is an IP address.*/
static int seems_numeric_ip_address(const char *ip){
int a,b,c,d;
if (strchr(ip,':')) return TRUE; /*should be an IPv6*/
if (sscanf(ip,"%i.%i.%i.%i",&a,&b,&c,&d)==4) return TRUE;
return FALSE;
/* search a matching channel from a list according to supplied hop. The ai_family tells which address family is supported by the list of channels*/
belle_sip_channel_t *belle_sip_channel_find_from_list(belle_sip_list_t *l, int ai_family, const belle_sip_hop_t *hop){
struct addrinfo *res=NULL;
......@@ -1291,13 +1303,14 @@ belle_sip_channel_t *belle_sip_channel_find_from_list(belle_sip_list_t *l, int a
char portstr[20];
belle_sip_channel_t *chan;
if (seems_numeric_ip_address(hop->host)){
hints.ai_socktype=SOCK_STREAM; // needed on some platforms that return an error otherwise (QNX)
if (ai_family==AF_INET6) hints.ai_flags=AI_V4MAPPED;
if (res) freeaddrinfo(res);
return chan;
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