Commit 7615a6db authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(auth_helper): fix build on windows, bad cast

parent 561a72f7
......@@ -72,12 +72,12 @@ belle_sip_header_proxy_authorization_t* belle_sip_auth_helper_create_proxy_autho
return authorization;
static void belle_sip_auth_choose_method(const char *algo, char *ask, uint8_t *out, size_t size) {
static void belle_sip_auth_choose_method(const char *algo, const char *ask, uint8_t *out, size_t size) {
if ((algo == NULL) || (!strcmp(algo, "MD5"))) {
// By default, using MD5 when algorithm is NULL
bctbx_md5((const unsigned char *)ask, strlen(ask), out);
bctbx_md5((const uint8_t *)ask, strlen(ask), out);
} else if (!strcmp(algo, "SHA-256")) {
bctbx_sha256((const unsigned char *)ask, strlen(ask), size, out);
bctbx_sha256((const uint8_t *)ask, (uint8_t)strlen(ask), size, out);
......@@ -236,7 +236,7 @@ int belle_sip_auth_helper_fill_authorization(belle_sip_header_authorization_t* a
if (!size) {
belle_sip_error("Algorithm [%s] is not correct ", algo);
return -1;
int auth_mode=0;
char* uri;
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