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Fix invalid read after DNS TTL expiration in channel.c It resulted in the...

Fix invalid read after DNS TTL expiration in channel.c It resulted in the connection being restarted.
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......@@ -1478,22 +1478,25 @@ static void channel_res_done(void *data, belle_sip_resolver_results_t *results){
belle_sip_channel_t *obj=(belle_sip_channel_t*)data;
const struct addrinfo *ai_list = NULL;
const char *name = NULL;
belle_sip_resolver_results_t *prev_dns_results = obj->resolver_results;
if (obj->resolver_ctx){
if (results){
ai_list = belle_sip_resolver_results_get_addrinfos(results);
SET_OBJECT_PROPERTY(obj, resolver_results, results);
/*update current resolver_results, peer_list. current_peer still points to an element of the old list, if it exists*/
obj->peer_list = ai_list = belle_sip_resolver_results_get_addrinfos(results);
name = belle_sip_resolver_results_get_name(results);
obj->resolver_results = results;
if (ai_list){
int ttl = belle_sip_resolver_results_get_ttl(results);
obj->peer_list = ai_list;
/* setup now our current_peer. It can be initialized for the first time, kept as before, or changed*/
if (!obj->current_peer) {
/*first time we connect*/
channel_set_current_peer(obj, ai_list);
} else {
......@@ -1502,6 +1505,7 @@ static void channel_res_done(void *data, belle_sip_resolver_results_t *results){
if (belle_sip_stack_reconnect_to_primary_asap_enabled(obj->stack)) {
existing_peer = addrinfo_is_first(obj->current_peer, ai_list);
} else {
/*find if the current_peer we had is still existing in the new list. If yes, we will keep it*/
existing_peer = addrinfo_in_list(obj->current_peer, ai_list);
......@@ -1529,6 +1533,8 @@ static void channel_res_done(void *data, belle_sip_resolver_results_t *results){
belle_sip_error("%s: DNS resolution failed for %s", __FUNCTION__, name);
/*now free the old resolver results if any, since we don't need the old current_peer*/
if (prev_dns_results) belle_sip_object_unref(prev_dns_results);
void belle_sip_channel_resolve(belle_sip_channel_t *obj){
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