Commit 8a5fbaab authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo
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C++ decls

parent ff5dc293
......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
#include "belle-sip/defs.h"
#include "belle-sip/belle-sip.h"
* Create an authorization header from an www_authenticate header, all common parameters are copyed.
* copy params: scheme, realm, nonce, algorithm, opaque
......@@ -118,5 +120,6 @@ BELLESIP_EXPORT belle_sip_certificates_chain_t* belle_sip_certificates_chain_par
BELLESIP_EXPORT belle_sip_signing_key_t* belle_sip_signing_key_parse(const char* buff, size_t size,const char* passwd);
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