Commit 8fb4ad14 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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avoid crashing when the app doesn't manage well its object pool.

parent 53a62be5
......@@ -251,7 +251,9 @@ static void belle_sip_main_loop_destroy(belle_sip_main_loop_t *ml){
while (ml->sources){
if (belle_sip_object_pool_cleanable(ml->pool)){
......@@ -394,7 +394,7 @@ void belle_sip_object_pool_remove(belle_sip_object_pool_t *pool, belle_sip_objec
int belle_sip_object_pool_cleanable(belle_sip_object_pool_t *pool){
return belle_sip_thread_self()==pool->thread_id;
return pool->thread_id!=0 && belle_sip_thread_self()==pool->thread_id;
void belle_sip_object_pool_clean(belle_sip_object_pool_t *pool){
......@@ -422,10 +422,25 @@ void belle_sip_object_pool_clean(belle_sip_object_pool_t *pool){
static void belle_sip_object_pool_detach_from_thread(belle_sip_object_pool_t *pool){
static void cleanup_pool_stack(void *data){
belle_sip_list_t **pool_stack=(belle_sip_list_t**)data;
belle_sip_list_free_with_data(*pool_stack, belle_sip_object_unref);
belle_sip_message("Object pools for thread [%u] cleaned while exiting",(unsigned long)belle_sip_thread_self());
if (*pool_stack){
* We would expect the pool_stack to be empty when the thread terminates.
* Otherwise that means the management of object pool is not properly done by the application.
* Since the object pools might be still referenced by the application, we can't destroy them.
* Instead, we mark them as detached, so that when the thread that will attempt to destroy them will do it,
* we'll accept (since anyway these object pool are no longer needed.
belle_sip_warning("There were still [%i] object pools for thread [%u] while the thread exited. ",
belle_sip_list_size(*pool_stack),(unsigned long)belle_sip_thread_self());
belle_sip_list_free_with_data(*pool_stack,(void (*)(void*)) belle_sip_object_pool_detach_from_thread);
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