Commit 96f91215 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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make sure io error are only reported to refresher when a channel exit forits transaction

parent 8b9a8398
......@@ -110,6 +110,7 @@ static void process_io_error(void *user_ctx, const belle_sip_io_error_event_t *e
/*something went wrong on this provider, checking if my channel is still up*/
if (refresher->state==started /*refresher started or trying to refresh */
&& belle_sip_transaction_get_state(BELLE_SIP_TRANSACTION(refresher->transaction)) == BELLE_SIP_TRANSACTION_TERMINATED /*else we are notified by transaction error*/
&& refresher->transaction-> /*transaction may not have any channel*/
&& (belle_sip_channel_get_state(refresher->transaction-> == BELLE_SIP_CHANNEL_DISCONNECTED
||belle_sip_channel_get_state(refresher->transaction-> == BELLE_SIP_CHANNEL_ERROR)) {
belle_sip_message("refresher [%p] has channel [%p] in state [%s], reporting error"
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