Commit a1465c96 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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avoid to create an extended header in case of a parsing error for a known header

parent 309a1733
......@@ -1328,11 +1328,11 @@ header returns [belle_sip_header_t* ret=NULL]
header_extension_base[ANTLR3_BOOLEAN is_http] returns [belle_sip_header_t* ret]
scope {int as_value;}
@init {$ret=NULL;}
@init {$header_extension_base::as_value=0;$ret=NULL;}
: (header_name
hcolon /*sp_tab_colon*/ /*because LWS can be in both colon or header_value*/
(header_value[(const char*)$header_name.text->chars,$is_http ]{$ret=$header_value.ret;})?) {
if (!$ret) {
(header_value[(const char*)$header_name.text->chars,$is_http ]{$header_extension_base::as_value=1;$ret=$header_value.ret;})?) {
if (!$ret && !$header_extension_base::as_value) { /*to handle value parsing error*/
/*special case: header without value*/
$ret=belle_sip_header_create((const char*)$header_name.text->chars,NULL);
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