Commit bfbad2b7 authored by Guillaume Beraudo's avatar Guillaume Beraudo
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Proxy helper function to discover call side record route uri

parent b223ea60
......@@ -445,15 +445,15 @@ belle_sip_provider_t *belle_sip_provider_new(belle_sip_stack_t *s, belle_sip_lis
if (lp) belle_sip_provider_add_listening_point(p,lp);
return p;
#if 0
/* what is the purpose of this function incorrectly named ?*/
/* This function is used by a proxy to set its call side record route.
* It must be called before adding any VIA header to the message. */
belle_sip_uri_t *belles_sip_provider_find_our_origin(belle_sip_provider_t *p, belle_sip_request_t *req) {
belle_sip_uri_t* origin = belle_sip_request_extract_origin(req);
belle_sip_hop_t *hop = belle_sip_hop_new_from_uri(origin);
belle_sip_channel_t *inChan = belle_sip_provider_get_channel(p, hop);
return compute_our_external_uri_from_channel(inChan);
static belle_sip_channel_t* _belle_sip_provider_find_channel_with_us(belle_sip_provider_t *p, belle_sip_uri_t* uri) {
const char *transport;
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