Commit c948abc6 authored by jehan's avatar jehan

switch trace level to debug for traces involved at each received keep alive messages

parent 4453910c
......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ int belle_sip_channel_process_data(belle_sip_channel_t *obj,unsigned int revents
} else {
belle_sip_warning("Unexpected [%s] received on channel [%p], trashing",obj->input_stream.read_ptr,obj);
belle_sip_debug("Unexpected [%s] received on channel [%p], trashing",obj->input_stream.read_ptr,obj);
......@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ static int on_udp_data(belle_sip_udp_listening_point_t *lp, unsigned int events)
socklen_t addrlen=sizeof(addr);
if (events & BELLE_SIP_EVENT_READ){
belle_sip_message("udp_listening_point: data to read.");
belle_sip_debug("udp_listening_point: data to read.");
err=recvfrom(lp->sock,(char*)buf,sizeof(buf),MSG_PEEK,(struct sockaddr*)&addr,&addrlen);
if (err==-1){
belle_sip_error("udp_listening_point: recvfrom() failed: %s",belle_sip_get_socket_error_string());
......@@ -126,7 +126,7 @@ static int on_udp_data(belle_sip_udp_listening_point_t *lp, unsigned int events)
if (chan){
/*notify the channel*/
belle_sip_message("Notifying udp channel, local [%s:%i] remote [%s:%i]",chan->local_ip
belle_sip_debug("Notifying udp channel, local [%s:%i] remote [%s:%i]",chan->local_ip
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