Commit dd5de802 authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan
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fix(dns): do not use sizeof on sockaddr, use `dns_sa_len`

parent e06b53fd
......@@ -811,9 +811,9 @@ static size_t dns_af_len(int af) {
return table[af];
} /* dns_af_len() */
#define dns_sa_family(sa) (((struct sockaddr_storage *)(sa))->ss_family)
#define dns_sa_family(sa) (((struct sockaddr_storage *)(sa))->ss_family)
#define dns_sa_len(sa) dns_af_len(dns_sa_family(sa))
#define dns_sa_len(sa) dns_af_len(dns_sa_family(sa))
#define DNS_SA_NOPORT &dns_sa_noport
......@@ -7738,10 +7738,10 @@ exec:
|| error == DNS_EHOSTUNREACH) { /* maybe even more case*/
char remote_sock[64];
struct sockaddr *addr = (struct sockaddr*)&R->so.remote;
bctbx_sockaddr_to_printable_ip_address(addr, sizeof *addr, remote_sock, sizeof(remote_sock));
bctbx_sockaddr_to_printable_ip_address(addr, dns_sa_len(addr), remote_sock, sizeof(remote_sock));
belle_sip_error("Cannot reach [%s] because [%s]", remote_sock, strerror(error));
dgoto(R->sp, DNS_R_FOREACH_A);
}else goto error;
} else goto error;
if (!dns_p_setptr(&F->answer, dns_so_fetch(&R->so, &error)))
goto error;
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