Commit e94fb368 authored by jehan's avatar jehan
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make sure 200ok retransmition do not trigger needs of ack again

parent 0456ebbf
......@@ -317,7 +317,7 @@ static void belle_sip_dialog_stop_200Ok_retrans(belle_sip_dialog_t *obj){
* */
int belle_sip_dialog_update(belle_sip_dialog_t *obj,belle_sip_request_t *req, belle_sip_response_t *resp, int as_uas){
int code;
int is_retransmition=FALSE;
/*first update local/remote cseq*/
if (as_uas) {
belle_sip_header_cseq_t* cseq=belle_sip_message_get_header_by_type(BELLE_SIP_MESSAGE(req),belle_sip_header_cseq_t);
......@@ -344,10 +344,11 @@ int belle_sip_dialog_update(belle_sip_dialog_t *obj,belle_sip_request_t *req, be
obj->needs_ack=TRUE; /*REINVITE case, ack needed by both uas and uac*/
/*handle possible retransmission of 200Ok */
if (!as_uas) {
return belle_sip_dialog_handle_200Ok(obj,resp)==0;
if (!as_uas && (is_retransmition=(belle_sip_dialog_handle_200Ok(obj,resp)==0))) {
return is_retransmition;
} else {
obj->needs_ack=TRUE; /*REINVITE case, ack needed by both uas and uac*/
}if (strcmp(belle_sip_request_get_method(req),"INVITE")==0 && code >=300) {
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