Commit efc06611 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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prevent looping when a response to a refresher request contains expires:0

parent 79301d72
......@@ -536,9 +536,14 @@ static int set_expires_from_trans(belle_sip_refresher_t* refresher) {
refresher->obtained_expires = belle_sip_header_expires_get_expires(expires_header);
if (refresher->obtained_expires<0) {
if (refresher->obtained_expires==-1) {
belle_sip_message("Neither Expires header nor corresponding Contact header found, checking from original request");
}else if (refresher->target_expires>0 && refresher->obtained_expires==0){
/*check this case because otherwise we are going to loop fast in sending refresh requests.*/
belle_sip_warning("Server replied with 0 expires, what does this mean ?");
/*suppose it's a server bug and assume our target_expires is understood.*/
} else if (strcmp("INVITE",belle_sip_request_get_method(request))==0) {
belle_sip_error("Refresher does not support INVITE yet");
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