Commit f99713f8 authored by Simon Morlat's avatar Simon Morlat
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fix warning

parent d41ede3e
......@@ -221,7 +221,7 @@ static int tls_process_data(belle_sip_channel_t *obj,unsigned int revents){
belle_sip_error("channel [%p]: SSL handshake took too much time.",obj);
goto process_error;
belle_sip_warning("channel [%p]: unexpected event [%i] during TLS handshake.",obj,revents);
belle_sip_warning("channeEHHCXCCCl [%p]: unexpected event [%i] during TLS handshake.",obj,revents);
} else if ( obj->state == BELLE_SIP_CHANNEL_READY) {
......@@ -504,7 +504,7 @@ belle_sip_signing_key_t* belle_sip_signing_key_parse_file(const char* path,const
belle_sip_signing_key_t* signing_key = belle_sip_object_new(belle_sip_signing_key_t);
int err;
if ((err=x509parse_keyfile(&signing_key->key,(const unsigned char *)path, passwd)) <0) {
if ((err=x509parse_keyfile(&signing_key->key,path, passwd)) <0) {
char tmp[128];
belle_sip_error("cannot parse rsa key because [%s]",tmp);
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