Commit 290c89db authored by jehan's avatar jehan

fix refresher registration test

parent 1cf0a07a
......@@ -419,7 +419,7 @@ static void refresher_base_with_body(endpoint_t* client
begin = belle_sip_time_ms();
CU_ASSERT_TRUE(wait_for(server->stack,client->stack,&client->stat.refreshOk,client->register_count+(client->early_refresher?1:0),client->register_count*1000 + 1000));
end = belle_sip_time_ms();
CU_ASSERT_TRUE(end-begin>=client->register_count*1000*.9); /*because refresh is at 90% of expire*/
CU_ASSERT_TRUE(end-begin<(client->register_count*1000 + 2000));
/*unregister twice to make sure refresh operation can be safely cascaded*/
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