channel.c: only display printable characters, not just ascii

parent abb6f4fa
......@@ -910,10 +910,14 @@ static void handle_ewouldblock(belle_sip_channel_t *obj, const char *buffer, siz
static size_t find_non_ascii(const char *buffer, size_t size){
static size_t find_non_printable(const char *buffer, size_t size){
size_t i;
if (!isascii(buffer[i])) return i;
/*we must check that character is printable, not just ascii
(31 'US' char is not printable for instance)*/
if (!isprint(buffer[i])&&!isspace(buffer[i])){
return i;
return size;
......@@ -928,7 +932,7 @@ static char *make_logbuf(belle_sip_log_level level, const char *buffer, size_t s
if (!belle_sip_log_level_enabled(level)){
return belle_sip_malloc0(1);
if (limit==0){
snprintf(truncate_msg,sizeof(truncate_msg)-1,"... (binary data)");
} else if (size>limit){
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