Commit 8b0ed49d authored by Sylvain Berfini's avatar Sylvain Berfini 🎩

Exported some functions related to escaped characters

parent d0ebcd6d
......@@ -163,6 +163,9 @@ BELLESIP_EXPORT void belle_sip_end_background_task(unsigned long id);
BELLESIP_EXPORT int belle_sip_mkdir(const char *path);
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_uri_to_escaped_username(const char* buff);
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_to_unescaped_string(const char* buff);
......@@ -1010,7 +1010,6 @@ belle_sip_refresher_t* belle_sip_refresher_new(belle_sip_client_transaction_t* t
* returns a char, even if entry is escaped*/
size_t belle_sip_get_char (const char*a,char*out);
/*return an escaped string*/
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_uri_to_escaped_username(const char* buff) ;
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_uri_to_escaped_userpasswd(const char* buff) ;
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_uri_to_escaped_parameter(const char* buff) ;
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_uri_to_escaped_header(const char* buff) ;
......@@ -42,7 +42,6 @@ static BELLESIP_INLINE int belle_sip_strcasecmp(const char*a, const char* b) {
BELLESIP_EXPORT belle_sip_header_t* belle_sip_header_get_next(const belle_sip_header_t* headers);
BELLESIP_EXPORT void belle_sip_header_set_next(belle_sip_header_t* header,belle_sip_header_t* next);
BELLESIP_EXPORT char* belle_sip_to_unescaped_string(const char* buff);
belle_sip_param_pair_t* belle_sip_param_pair_new(const char* name,const char* value);
char* _belle_sip_str_dup_and_unquote_string(const char* quoted_string);
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