Commit 615e2472 authored by johan's avatar johan
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Fix bug on context saving in Multistream mode

parent 71c27d6b
......@@ -555,6 +555,9 @@ int state_keyAgreement_sendingCommit(bzrtpEvent_t event) {
bzrtpConfirmMessage_t *confirm1Message = (bzrtpConfirmMessage_t *)zrtpPacket->messageData;
memcpy(zrtpChannelContext->peerH[0], confirm1Message->H0, 32);
/* store the packet to check possible repetitions */
zrtpChannelContext->peerPackets[CONFIRM_MESSAGE_STORE_ID] = zrtpPacket;
/* set next state to state_confirmation_responderSendingConfirm2 */
zrtpChannelContext->stateMachine = state_confirmation_initiatorSendingConfirm2;
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