Commit 7d03a0e6 authored by johan's avatar johan

Fix compiler warning

parent ef54f0bc
......@@ -61,7 +61,6 @@ static uint32_t patternZRTPMetaData[TEST_PACKET_NUMBER][3] = {
static const uint8_t patternZRTPHelloHash12345678[70]="1.10 13e9f407367895861f0eee6707ba30aca05a0ad9997625e9279ad5d08485aa9d";
static const uint8_t patternZRTPHelloHash87654321[70]="1.10 8a286f762a00f21907fe937801894ce4f4ac6a7d2b9acd61eb25b014f905df77";
static const uint8_t patternZRTPIncorrectHelloHash12345678[70]="1.10 23e9f407367895861f0eee6707ba30aca05a0ad9997625e9279ad5d08485aa9d";
static const uint8_t patternZRTPPackets[TEST_PACKET_NUMBER][512] = {
/* This is a Hello packet, sequence number is 0x09f1, SSRC 0x12345678 */
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