Commit ced37fad authored by johan's avatar johan

Fix crypto algos update after commit packet reception.

- must update function pointers too
parent 716ad655
......@@ -1540,6 +1540,7 @@ int bzrtp_turnIntoResponder(bzrtpContext_t *zrtpContext, bzrtpChannelContext_t *
zrtpChannelContext->authTagAlgo = commitMessage->authTagAlgo;
zrtpChannelContext->keyAgreementAlgo = commitMessage->keyAgreementAlgo;
zrtpChannelContext->sasAlgo = commitMessage->sasAlgo;
/* if we have a self DHPart packet (means we are in DHM mode) we must rebuild the self DHPart packet to be responder and not initiator */
/* as responder we must swap the aux shared secret between responder and initiator as they are computed using the H3 and not a constant string */
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