Commit e567ec4a authored by Ronan's avatar Ronan

Merge branch 'fix/rpm-install-libdir' into 'master'

Fix/rpm install libdir

See merge request !2
parents 2dea113f e055d133
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ Libraries and headers required to develop software with bzrtp
%setup -n %{name}-%{version}%{?build_number_ext}
make %{?_smp_mflags}
......@@ -95,5 +95,9 @@ rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
* Tue Nov 27 2018 ronan.abhamon <>
- Do not set CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR and never with _libdir!
* Wed Jul 19 2017 jehan.monnier <>
- Initial RPM release.
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