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    Big changes for curve flexibility. For details see HISTORY.txt. · 1f480b0f
    Mike Hamburg authored
    Very experimental Ed480-Ridinghood support is now in.  It's not fully optimized,
    but in general the current build is 8-15% slower than Goldilocks.  It only works on
    arch_x86_64, though arch_ref64 support ought to be easy.  Support on other arches
    will be trickier, which is of course why I chose Goldilocks over Ridinghood in the
    first place.
    Next up, E-521.  Hopefully.
    The code is starting to get spread out over a lot of files.  Some are per field*arch,
    some per field, some per curve, some global.  It's hard to do much about this, though,
    with a rather ugly .c.inc system.
    There's currently no way to make a Ridinghood eBAT.  In fact, I haven't tested eBAT
    support in this commit.  I also haven't tested NEON, but at least ARCH_32 works on
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