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    x86_64/i386 and illumos/solaris/SunOS compatibility fixes. · c558c0ec
    Andrew Bennett authored
     * SunOS linker doesn't support --gc-sections
     * Add portable_endian.h with __sun version of htole64 and le64toh
       * Replace portable endian code in shake.c with inclusion of portable_endian.h
       * Replace portable endian code in word.h with inclusion of portable_endian.h
     * Add explicit extern reference to word.h for posix_memalign when __sun defined
     * Replace references to u_int*_t with uint*_t
     * rdtsc call in shake.c was only working on 32-bit i386
     * rdtsc call in bench_decaf.cxx was inaccurate on 64-bit x86_64 when clang absent
     * Fix two signed/unsigned comparison errors in test_decaf.cxx
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