Commit b8f6e3d0 authored by Mike Hamburg's avatar Mike Hamburg

change x86-64 non-BMI2 asm constraints for gcc compat; thanks Olivier Cheron

parent f102952a
......@@ -190,9 +190,9 @@ static __inline__ void mac_rr(__uint128_t *acc, uint64_t a, const uint64_t b) {
("mulq %[b]; "
"addq %%rax, %[lo]; "
"adcq %%rdx, %[hi]; "
: [lo]"+r"(lo), [hi]"+r"(hi)
: [b]"r"(b), "a"(a)
: "rax", "rdx", "cc");
: [lo]"+r"(lo), [hi]"+r"(hi), "+a"(a)
: [b]"r"(b)
: "rdx", "cc");
*acc = (((__uint128_t)(hi))<<64) | lo;
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