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@chapter Output Devices
@c man begin OUTPUT DEVICES

Output devices are configured elements in Libav which allow to write
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multimedia data to an output device attached to your system.

When you configure your Libav build, all the supported output devices
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are enabled by default. You can list all available ones using the
configure option "--list-outdevs".
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You can disable all the output devices using the configure option
"--disable-outdevs", and selectively enable an output device using the
option "--enable-outdev=@var{OUTDEV}", or you can disable a particular
input device using the option "--disable-outdev=@var{OUTDEV}".

The option "-formats" of the ff* tools will display the list of
enabled output devices (amongst the muxers).

A description of the currently available output devices follows.

@section alsa

ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) output device.

@section oss

OSS (Open Sound System) output device.

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@section sndio

sndio audio output device.