Commit 032f4068 authored by Reimar Döffinger's avatar Reimar Döffinger Committed by Janne Grunau
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Handle input or output len of 0 properly in lzo decoder.

(cherry picked from commit 7d508260)
parent 2b0decf6
......@@ -175,6 +175,14 @@ int av_lzo1x_decode(void *out, int *outlen, const void *in, int *inlen) {
int state= 0;
int x;
LZOContext c;
if (!*outlen || !*inlen) {
int res = 0;
if (!*outlen)
if (!*inlen)
return res;
} = in;
c.in_end = (const uint8_t *)in + *inlen;
c.out = c.out_start = out;
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