Commit 0473e31f authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Print all cases that are tested, not just the ones that are bad.

Originally committed as revision 27670 to svn://
parent f830d824
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
#include "libavutil/avutil.h"
#include "swscale.h"
#include "swscale_internal.h"
//#include "swscale_internal.h"
#include "rgb2rgb.h"
static uint64_t getSSD(uint8_t *src1, uint8_t *src2, int stride1, int stride2, int w, int h){
......@@ -133,14 +133,12 @@ static int doTest(uint8_t *ref[3], int refStride[3], int w, int h, int srcFormat
ssdU/= w*h/4;
ssdV/= w*h/4;
if (ssdY>100 || ssdU>100 || ssdV>100){
printf(" %s %dx%d -> %s %4dx%4d flags=%2d SSD=%5lld,%5lld,%5lld\n",
sws_format_name(srcFormat), srcW, srcH,
sws_format_name(dstFormat), dstW, dstH,
ssdY, ssdU, ssdV);
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