Commit 088ed4d6 authored by Jeff Downs's avatar Jeff Downs Committed by Benoit Fouet
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Avoid a crash when H264 MMC operation causes the short term reference

list to be emptied.
Patch by Jeff Downs: [heydowns borg com]

Originally committed as revision 10416 to svn://
parent 4df7c7d8
......@@ -3159,8 +3159,8 @@ static Picture * remove_short(H264Context *h, int frame_num){
av_log(h->s.avctx, AV_LOG_DEBUG, "%d %d %p\n", i, pic->frame_num, pic);
if(pic->frame_num == frame_num){
h->short_ref[i]= NULL;
memmove(&h->short_ref[i], &h->short_ref[i+1], (h->short_ref_count - i - 1)*sizeof(Picture*));
if (--h->short_ref_count)
memmove(&h->short_ref[i], &h->short_ref[i+1], (h->short_ref_count - i)*sizeof(Picture*));
return pic;
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