Commit 08dac48d authored by Alex Converse's avatar Alex Converse
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Add USAC and SAOC AOTs to the AudioObjectType enum.

Originally committed as revision 19661 to svn://
parent c255994b
......@@ -90,6 +90,9 @@ enum AudioObjectType {
AOT_ER_AAC_ELD, ///< N Error Resilient Enhanced Low Delay
AOT_SMR_SIMPLE, ///< N Symbolic Music Representation Simple
AOT_SMR_MAIN, ///< N Symbolic Music Representation Main
AOT_USAC_NOSBR, ///< N Unified Speech and Audio Coding (no SBR)
AOT_SAOC, ///< N Spatial Audio Object Coding
AOT_USAC = 45, ///< N Unified Speech and Audio Coding
#define MAX_PCE_SIZE 304 ///<Maximum size of a PCE including the 3-bit ID_PCE
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