Commit 092421cf authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer
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Scale rdft vissualization up by 2 so theres no unused space on the top

but rather the unimportant high frequencies are cut off if the window is
not a multiple of 2 high.

Originally committed as revision 21641 to svn://
parent 674fe163
......@@ -868,7 +868,7 @@ static void video_audio_display(VideoState *s)
int rdft_bits, nb_freq;
nb_display_channels= FFMIN(nb_display_channels, 2);
for(rdft_bits=1; (1<<rdft_bits)<=s->height; rdft_bits++)
for(rdft_bits=1; (1<<rdft_bits)<2*s->height; rdft_bits++)
if(rdft_bits != s->rdft_bits){
......@@ -890,7 +890,7 @@ static void video_audio_display(VideoState *s)
ff_rdft_calc(&s->rdft, data[ch]);
//least efficient way to do this, we should of course directly access it but its more than fast enough
for(y=0; y<nb_freq; y++){
for(y=0; y<s->height; y++){
double w= 1/sqrt(nb_freq);
int a= sqrt(w*sqrt(data[0][2*y+0]*data[0][2*y+0] + data[0][2*y+1]*data[0][2*y+1]));
int b= sqrt(w*sqrt(data[1][2*y+0]*data[1][2*y+0] + data[1][2*y+1]*data[1][2*y+1]));
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