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Document AVFilterInOut fields.

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...@@ -27,12 +27,24 @@ ...@@ -27,12 +27,24 @@
/** /**
* A linked-list of the inputs/outputs of the filter chain. * A linked-list of the inputs/outputs of the filter chain.
* This is mainly useful for avfilter_graph_parse(), since this
* function may accept a description of a graph with not connected
* input/output pads. This struct specifies, per each not connected
* pad contained in the graph, the filter context and the pad index
* required for establishing a link.
*/ */
typedef struct AVFilterInOut { typedef struct AVFilterInOut {
/** unique name for this input/output in the list */
char *name; char *name;
/** filter context associated to this input/output */
AVFilterContext *filter_ctx; AVFilterContext *filter_ctx;
/** index of the filt_ctx pad to use for linking */
int pad_idx; int pad_idx;
/** next input/input in the list, NULL if this is the last */
struct AVFilterInOut *next; struct AVFilterInOut *next;
} AVFilterInOut; } AVFilterInOut;
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