Commit 0dea6433 authored by Luca Abeni's avatar Luca Abeni
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replace some av_malloc();memset(...,0,...) sequences with av_mallocz()

Originally committed as revision 21835 to svn://
parent e943369f
......@@ -1245,8 +1245,7 @@ static inline int initFilter(int16_t **outFilter, int16_t **filterPos, int *outF
// Note the +1 is for the MMXscaler which reads over the end
/* align at 16 for AltiVec (needed by hScale_altivec_real) */
*outFilter= av_malloc(*outFilterSize*(dstW+1)*sizeof(int16_t));
memset(*outFilter, 0, *outFilterSize*(dstW+1)*sizeof(int16_t));
*outFilter= av_mallocz(*outFilterSize*(dstW+1)*sizeof(int16_t));
/* Normalize & Store in outFilter */
for(i=0; i<dstW; i++)
......@@ -1988,8 +1987,7 @@ SwsContext *sws_getContext(int srcW, int srcH, int srcFormat, int dstW, int dstH
if(!dstFilter) dstFilter= &dummyFilter;
if(!srcFilter) srcFilter= &dummyFilter;
c= av_malloc(sizeof(SwsContext));
memset(c, 0, sizeof(SwsContext));
c= av_mallocz(sizeof(SwsContext));
c->srcW= srcW;
c->srcH= srcH;
......@@ -2276,12 +2274,11 @@ SwsContext *sws_getContext(int srcW, int srcH, int srcFormat, int dstW, int dstH
//Note we need at least one pixel more at the end because of the mmx code (just in case someone wanna replace the 4000/8000)
/* align at 16 bytes for AltiVec */
for(i=0; i<c->vLumBufSize; i++)
c->lumPixBuf[i]= c->lumPixBuf[i+c->vLumBufSize]= av_malloc(4000);
c->lumPixBuf[i]= c->lumPixBuf[i+c->vLumBufSize]= av_mallocz(4000);
for(i=0; i<c->vChrBufSize; i++)
c->chrPixBuf[i]= c->chrPixBuf[i+c->vChrBufSize]= av_malloc(8000);
//try to avoid drawing green stuff between the right end and the stride end
for(i=0; i<c->vLumBufSize; i++) memset(c->lumPixBuf[i], 0, 4000);
for(i=0; i<c->vChrBufSize; i++) memset(c->chrPixBuf[i], 64, 8000);
ASSERT(c->chrDstH <= dstH)
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