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Adds Doxygen docs for the av_log function.

Originally committed as revision 8040 to svn://
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......@@ -51,6 +51,20 @@ static void (*av_log_callback)(void*, int, const char*, va_list) = av_log_defaul
void (*av_vlog)(void*, int, const char*, va_list) = av_log_default_callback;
* Send the specified message to the log if the level is less than or equal to
* the current av_log_level. By default, all logging messages are sent to
* stderr. This behavior can be altered by setting a different av_vlog callback
* function.
* @param avcl A pointer to an arbitrary struct of which the first field is a
* pointer to an AVClass struct.
* @param level The importance level of the message, lower values signifying
* higher importance.
* @param fmt The format string (printf-compatible) that specifies how
* subsequent arguments are converted to output.
* @see av_vlog
void av_log(void* avcl, int level, const char *fmt, ...)
va_list vl;
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