Commit 11d540a4 authored by Baptiste Coudurier's avatar Baptiste Coudurier
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according to specs, offset is before blocksize

Originally committed as revision 9429 to svn://
parent 620d1d78
......@@ -353,9 +353,9 @@ static int aiff_read_header(AVFormatContext *s,
case MKTAG('S', 'S', 'N', 'D'): /* Sampled sound chunk */
get_be32(pb); /* Block align... don't care */
offset = get_be32(pb); /* Offset of sound data */
offset += url_ftell(pb); /* Compute absolute data offset */
get_be32(pb); /* Block align... don't care */
if (st->codec->codec_id) /* Assume COMM already parsed */
goto got_sound;
if (url_is_streamed(pb)) {
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