Commit 131f1cb2 authored by Aurelien Jacobs's avatar Aurelien Jacobs
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matroskadec: parse available blocks even when cluster parsing failed

This way, we still read the few complete blocks out of a truncated
cluster at the end of a truncated file.

Originally committed as revision 14723 to svn://
parent ee5b34d5
......@@ -1601,7 +1601,7 @@ static int matroska_parse_cluster(MatroskaDemuxContext *matroska)
res = ebml_parse(matroska, matroska_clusters, &cluster);
blocks_list = &cluster.blocks;
blocks = blocks_list->elem;
for (i=0; !res && i<blocks_list->nb_elem; i++)
for (i=0; i<blocks_list->nb_elem; i++)
if (blocks[i].bin.size > 0)
blocks[i], blocks[i].bin.size,
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